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... is the world's most successful fieldbus with more than 35 million devices installed by the end of 2010 with over 5.4 million of these in the process industries.

Utilizing a single, standardized, application-independent communication protocol, PROFIBUS supports fieldbus solutions both in factory and process automation as well as in motion control and safety-related tasts.


PI is is the largest automation community in the world. It heads a global network of vendors, developers, System Integrators and end users having a common interest in promoting, supporting and using PROFIBUS and PROFINET. 

PI hosts a large number of active Working Groups having the responsibility for developing, standardizing and maintaining PROFIBUS and PROFINET. There is also a global PI network of Test, Training and Certification services and service providers.

Profinet the leading industrial Ethernet standard:

PROFINET has become the leading Industrial Ethernet Standard in the market. This globally established and future-oriented technology is supported by many product vendors, thus ensuring long-term availability and investment protection. 

The number of PROFINET devices in use in the market has increased above average in recent years: 3 million devices were installed by the end of 2010, and the number continues to grow...

Profibus overview

Profibus overview